John Long

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John Long is a legendary rock climber, world adventurer, and best-seller in the outdoor industry. His feats include the first one-day ascent of El Capitan and a coast-to-coast traverse of Borneo. He has written numerous books, including Climbing Anchors and More Climbing Anchors, and coauthored Advanced Rock Climbing and Big Walls.

Long joined teenage climbers John Bachar, Rick Accomazzo, Richard Harrison, Tobin Sorenson, Robs Muir, Gib Lewis (climber), Lynn Hill, Jim Wilson, and Mike Graham as founding members of an elite group known as the "Stonemasters". As the result of the groups exploits, from the French Alps to the North Pole, combined with Long’s popular writings, the Stonemaster ethos was central in the “extreme” adventure sports culture.

While Long and the Stonemasters branched out into diverse disciplines including caving, river running and first descents, extreme skiing, big wave surfing, trans-continental traverses, BASE jumping and Himalaya alpine climbing, the original renown sprang from establishing scores of daring new rock climbs–throughout the 1970s and 80s–in Southern California and Northern Mexico, most notably at Tahquitz and Suicide Rock in Idyllwild, Joshua Tree National Park, and Yosemite Valley, all in California, and El Gran Trono Blanco, in Baja, Mexico.